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User interaction


The initial interactions with your Skill will start with a general utterance from the User. Your Skill must register intents that it can handle and Neon will then determine which Skill can respond to the Users request.


Neon can speak any information that you need to communicate to the User.


If you need to prompt the User for information, you can use a range of methods to ask different types of questions.

Parsing Utterances

A common process within a Skill is to parse the contents of an utterance. Neon provides a range of easy to use methods for this task.


Confirmations are used to verify that the input from the User was understood correctly. These may be verbal or non-verbal.

Conversational Context

For more complex cases, a Skill can add context to the Intent Parser to create more natural conversational interaction.


Converse allows a recently active Skill to inspect utterances before the normal intent handling process.