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Alpha Release Workflow

Alpha Release Workflow

This describes the process for pushing a skill alpha release.


This process applies when making any change to a skill.


  • Create a branch from the dev branch of a skill.
  • Complete any changes, including test coverage, documentation updates, and dependency changes.
  • Create a Pull Request to the dev branch.
  • If any tests fail, mark the Pull Request as a Draft and make necessary changes.
  • After tests are passing, request a review from a maintainer.

    If the PR was marked as a draft, mark it ready for review here

  • Upon approving review, Squash and Merge changes to the dev branch
  • If the skill is a dependency of NeonCore, create a PR there to update dependencies to the new version. This will ensure new releases are created for Docker and NeonOS.


  • A maintaining developer may choose at their discretion to skip the review process if tests are passing and there is not another developer qualified and available to review.