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Triage New GitHub Issues

Triage GitHub Issues

This describes the process for triaging new issues on GitHub


This process applies in the following situations: - A new issue is created in a repository you maintain - A weekly review of the GitHub Issues Report

The process below applies to each issue


  • Open the new issue on GitHub.
  • Read the issue comment and verify it is valid and complete.

    • If this is a duplicate issue, apply the duplicate tag, close it with a comment linking the existing issue.
    • If the issue is mis-categorized as a bug or feature, update the PR title.
    • If the issue is in the wrong repository, transfer it as appropriate.
  • If you know about more context (i.e. a chat thread or forum post), add it to the issue description.

  • If more information is needed for debugging, reply to the issue asking the author to clarify.
  • Verify the correct labels are applied (bug, enhancement, documentation, etc.)
  • Assign the issue to the "Community Projects" board if applicable.

    Issues in public repositories generally belong here in the "Other Helpful Tasks" section.

  • If you are going to address the issue, assign yourself to the issue.
  • If the issue can be addressed by a community member with minimal knowledge of other interacting repositories, add the help wanted label.
  • If the triage label is applied to the issue, remove it


  • There should be no exceptions to this process.