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Neon Speech

Speech (Voice) Module for Neon Core. This module can be treated as a replacement for the mycroft-core speech module. This module handles input audio, performs STT, and optionally returns the text or forwards it to the skills module for intent parsing.

Neon Enhancements

neon-speech extends mycroft-speech with the following added functionality: * Support for continuous STT without a wake word * Audio processing module plugin system to modify audio and extract context * Messagebus API listeners to handle outside requests for STT or inputs to the skills module * Arbitrary configuration supported by passing at module init


Mycroft STT and Wake Word plugins are compatible with neon-speech, with the exception of skipping wake words, which is currently only supported by Neon STT plugins.

Running in Docker

The included Dockerfile may be used to build a docker container for the neon_speech module. The below command may be used to start the container.

docker run -d \
--network=host \
--name=neon_speech \
-v ~/.config/pulse/cookie:/tmp/pulse_cookie:ro \
-v ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/pulse:${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/pulse:ro \
--device=/dev/snd:/dev/snd \
-e PULSE_SERVER=unix:${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/pulse/native \
-e PULSE_COOKIE=/tmp/pulse_cookie \