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Neon OS Developer Documentation

Neon OS is a customized Debian distribution used to deploy Neon to edge devices. Developers may wish to change some default behaviors of Neon OS to aid in debugging or development.

Enable debug logging

By default, debug level logs are excluded from Neon module log files; to enable debug logging, add the below line to ~/.config/neon/neon.yaml:

log_level: DEBUG

More information about configuration can be found here.

Disable log2ram

By default log2ram is used to minimize writing to persistent storage. Behavior can be configured in /etc/log2ram.conf or the service may be disabled entirely with sudo systemctl stop log2ram.

Getting Build Information

For most situations, the information provided under Settings -> About is enough to determine what version of Neon Core is running and what version of Neon OS it came with. More complete details of what is included in a particular .squashfs release can be found at /opt/neon/build_info.json. An annotated example file is included below:

  // neon_core package information (last commit, time, and contents)
  "core": {
    "sha": "c061a7c51a1c835cded5e57de54c113364520b25",
    "time": 1692929705.0,
    "version": "23.8.25a12"
  // neon_debos package information (last commit, time, and contents)
  "image": {
    "sha": "b2791e63d31bb6205f1db6c7bae9c4109f1ddd56",
    "time": 1692927223.0,
    "version": "23.8.25a13"
  // SHIPPED initramfs information (path and MD5 hash). This does not account for updated hashes
  "initramfs": {
    "path": "/boot/firmware/initramfs",
    "md5": "9ed30557e09de796e4788b1be3f98f4e"
  // Name of debos recipe, architecture, and time of build
  "base_os": {
    "name": "debian-neon-image-rpi4",
    "time": 1692940440.0,
    "arch": "arm64"