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Stable Release Workflow

Stable Release Workflow

This describes the process for pushing a stable Neon OS release.


This process applies in the following situations: - A new stable version of a core package is released. - A new stable version of neon_debos is released. - A major fix is applied to a core package dependency.


  • Upon a new release in the core or neon_debos repository, relevant editions of Neon OS are eligible for release.
  • If a Neon OS release has already been pushed on this calendar day, another release will have to wait until the next day for consistent versioning.

    For this reason, a stable release should be pushed after all relevant core and neon-debos stable releases for the day are completed.

  • The developer approving release will run the workflow to trigger a release in the neon-os repository and verify the automation has started.

    The developer approving release is responsible for selecting the master branch and the appropriate repo (neon-debos, neon-nodes, or neon-core).

  • Upon automation completion, the developer approving release will validate the update applies properly from a previous version.

    If the update does not properly apply, follow the procedure for removing a release.

  • The developer approving release will validate the GitHub release and changelog for completeness and accuracy, including any expected artifacts
  • The developer approving release will wait a minimum of 24 hours to receive feedback from users on the beta track in case there are new issues to address.
  • If there is no feedback to be addressed, the developer approving release will mark the release as latest and announce the release in the relevant thread on the forums.


  • A maintaining developer may choose at their discretion to push a new stable release at any time, provided (1) they validate the release functionality and (2) stable versions of the core and neon_debos packages are used.