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Requirements files

The older method of defining requirements is still available, and is present in the majority of Skills available in the Mycroft Marketplace. This uses a requirements.txt and/or file.


The requirements.txt file can only be used to define Python package dependencies. It uses the standard Python PIP format to list Python packages from PyPI to install. Each line in the file represents a separate package to install and must match the title provided by PyPI.

requirements.txt should typically be used only by Simply including it in your skill repository will not guarantee that the packages will be installed.

The following example will install the latest available versions of the requests and gensim packages.


If specific versions of a package are required, we can use comparison operators to indicate which version.

  • requests==2.22.0 The package must must be version 2.22.0.
  • requests>=2.22.0 The package must be version 2.22.0 or higher.
  • requests<=2.22.0 The package must be version 2.22.0 or lower.

It is strongly recommended to only use these operators when required. If submitting a Skill to the Marketplace, you will be asked to provide reasoning as to why a specific version of a package is necessary.

Examples of requirements.txt

The file is no longer supported in Neon. If you are using a skill that requires this, please reach out to its developer to refactor it.