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Neon Core

Neon Core is a collection of services that comprise the Neon AI® Assistant.


The messagebus is the service that enables communication among all the core modules. The messagebus also serves as an entrypoint for MQ connections and provides the SignalManager for IPC.


The speech service is where audio input is handled. Wake Word detection, Speech-to-Text (STT), and input audio parsing all happens here.


The audio service deals with audio outputs. Text-to-Speech (TTS) and audio playback is managed in this module.


The skills service is where user input is parsed and one or more responses are generated. Text parsers may optionally modify input utterances before intent parsing here, an intent is determined, and then the intent handler generates a response.


The GUI service handles interaction with a GUI Application. This module is optional and may be omitted from voice-only configurations.


The enclosure service implements a Platform/Hardware Abstraction Layer (PHAL). This module is optional and handles things like volume controls, updates, power, geolocation, and other platform-specific optional components.