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Neon Metrics

Neon collects and exposes a number of metrics that can be used to monitor changes in key performance areas like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and intent handling. Some of these metrics are contained in Message.context to measure complex interactions, and others are sent as neon.metric Messages to report specific measured metrics.

Timing Context

Neon uses a combination of timestamps and directly measured durations to record how long certain user interactions take to complete. Both timestamps and measured durations are added to Message.context["timing"] and can be used for manual or automated evaluation.


Some known timestamps include the following. Note that any module that handles a Message may add to or overwrite these metrics. These timestamps should always be epoch seconds to avoid complexity.

  • audio_begin - Time when audio playback began
  • audio_end - Time when audio playback ended
  • client_sent - Time when a client module sent an input
  • gradio_sent - For gradio web clients only, the time when GradIO handled a user submission
  • handle_utterance - Time when a Message object reaches handle_utterance in the skills service
  • response_sent - Time when a core module emits a response to some input (i.e. neon.get_stt.response, klat.response)
  • speech_start - Time when a speak Message is emitted by a skill (DEPRECATED)
  • transcribed - DEPRECATED in favor of handle_utterance

Measured Durations

Some specific processes are timed with measured timings added to timing context. Note that any module that handles a Message my add to or overwrite these metrics. All durations are in seconds.

  • get_stt: Time for STT plugin to evaluate audio and return transcript(s)
  • get_tts: Time for TTS plugin to evaluate a string and return audio
  • iris_input_handling: Time spent in Iris between user submission and MQ emit (can be affected by MQ re-connection on emit failure)
  • mq_response_handler: Time for messagebus-mq connector to translate a Message into serialized data
  • mq_from_core: Time from the core response Message to reach the MQ connector module (Messagebus transit time)
  • mq_from_client: Time for the client message to reach the MQ connector module (MQ Bus transit time)
  • mq_input_handler: Time for MQ connector module to process MQ input into a valid Message
  • client_to_core: Time from the client emit event to the core Messagebus event handler
  • client_from_core: Time from the core klat.response event emit to the client handler
  • save_transcript: Time to save transcripts of input
  • text_parsers: DEPRECATED in favor of transform_utterance
  • transform_audio: Time for Speech Transformers service to evaluate input
  • transform_utterance: Time for Utterance Transformer service to execute
  • wait_in_queue: Time spent in gradio queue, waiting to be processed