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There are a couple of ways that Neon components generate logs. For core modules, logs are generally available in ~/.local/state/neon/. Most installations will have the following logs: admin.log, audio.log, bus.log, enclosure.log, gui.log, skills.log, voice.log.

Neon OS

For Neon OS installations, core service logs are written to the default /home/neon/.local/state/neon paths. Logs are also written to the system journal since the services are started via systemD. You can see service logs via journalctl -u <service_name>. You could copy logs off of your Mark2 from a computer on the same network with:

scp neon@<device_ip>:/home/neon/.local/state/neon/*.log* ./


For running docker containers, you can follow logs via docker logs -f <container_name>. If you bound a path to /xdg in the container, persistent log files are also written to /xdg/state/neon/.