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Alpha Release Workflow

Alpha Release Workflow

This describes the process for pushing an alpha release for a library module. A library module is a module or repository that is a dependency of one or more Neon services or plugins.


This process applies when making any change to a library module.


  • Create a branch from the dev branch of the module.
  • Complete any changes, including test coverage, documentation updates, and dependency changes.
  • Create a Pull Request to the dev branch.

    Ensure the PR title is descriptive and the template is completed. A description is required and relevant issues must be noted as either related to the PR or closed by the PR.

  • If any tests fail, mark the Pull Request as a Draft and make necessary changes.

    After tests are passing, mark it ready for review here.

  • If permissions allow, request a review from a maintainer. If you are unable to request a review and have discussed changes with a maintainer, tag them in a comment.
  • Upon approving review, Squash and Merge changes to the dev branch


  • A maintaining developer may choose at their discretion to skip the review process if tests are passing and there is not another developer qualified and available to review.

    If there is no code coverage automation, the maintaining developer is responsible for ensuring coverage for any changes.