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Review Workflow

Skill PR Review Workflow

This describes the process for reviewing a skill PR.


This process applies when reviewing a PR to the dev or master branch of any skill.

Note that part of the process only applies to stable releases.


  • Review changes to imports and verify dependency minimum versions are accurate.
  • Ensure code changes have adequate unit test coverage.
  • Ensure resource changes have adequate resource and intent test coverage.
  • Highlight any breaking changes and consider how they could be made backwards-compatible.

    Note that breaking changes will not necessarily block approval, but it is up to the PR author and reviewer to determine if the breaking change is appropriate.

  • Highlight any added TODO or existing TODO comments related to the changes.

    It is up to the PR author and reviewer to decide if a TODO must be completed before merging OR if an issue can be created to address it in a later PR.

  • If reviewing a Stable Release:

    • Validate there are no alpha dependencies
    • Validate that the skill works as expected in an alpha deployment (i.e. Iris, HANA, or Neon OS). If the skill is not deployed to any of those, test agaomst a local installation.
    • Ensure the skill is not generating any ERROR or WARNING logs.
  • Leave a review to Approve or Request Changes. If reviewing a draft or if unable to test changes, leave a Comment review indicating why it isn't an Approval, i.e. "Unable to test." or "Noted pending TODO"


  • A maintaining developer may choose at their discretion to allow a pinned alpha dependency for a stable release if the pinned version has been adequately tested, and it is unreasonable or impossible to use a stable release for the dependency.