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Neon OS

Neon OS is an operating system for using Neon AI® on a dedicated device.


Neon OS releases can be primarily differentiated by a core version and an image version, where core refers to the repository providing the primary functionality (i.e. neon-core or neon-nodes) and image refers to code from the neon_debos repository. A particular OS release is identified by a build version string based on the time at which the release was compiled.

Identifying Updates

Updates are identified as OS releases with the same core and a newer build version.

A build version is marked as a beta if either the core or the image ref used is a beta (these will always be the same ref in automated builds). A device on a beta update track will only update to a newer beta version; a device on a stable update track will only update to a newer stable version. If a device changes tracks, it will update to a NEWER release on the new track, but it will not install an older version by default.

Note that in practice, any stable update will have first been released to the beta track.

Version Management

Released images are identified in GitHub releases in the neon-os repository. The yaml index files may also be used to view release history per-image. Each yaml index entry has a version key that corresponds to a unique build; two builds may have the same core and image versions but different build versions based on when they were created.

Versioning Scheme

Releases will follow CalVer, so a release version may be 24.02.14 or 24.02.14b1. Note that the GitHub beta tags will not match the associated images' versions for beta versions since each release may relate to a different core.

i.e. Neon OS tag 24.02.27b1 may contain debian-neon-image-24.02.27b1 and Neon OS tag 24.02.27b2 may contain debian-node-image-24.02.27b4.


  • core: the module/repository providing the primary functionality.
  • image: the framework/repository building the OS image (neon-debos).
  • build id: recipe-platform string identifier (i.e. debain-neon-image-rpi4).
  • build version: the version identifier for a specific release image (i.e. 24.03.01b1).
  • release: a GitHub release in the Neon OS repository, identified by the build version.

Build System

Neon OS images are built using recipes in neon-debos. OS images and updates are served via HTTP server with a predictable directory structure. The build scripts are located in the neon-os repository.

Build Image Action

An OS build is triggered via GitHub actions and generally runs on a self-hosted runner. This action may build for multiple platforms (i.e. rpi4, opi5) and may build for multiple cores. The following inputs are accepted: - REF: beta or stable to indicate if the build is a beta or stable release.

This was previously labelled as dev and master as it was tied to the core branch used in the build. - DEBOS_REF: branch of neon_debos to check out, generally dev or master - CORE_REF: branch of the core repository to check out, generally dev or master - PLATFORMS: space-delimited list of platforms to build for (i.e. "rpi4 opi5") - UPLOAD_URL: base URL outputs may be downloaded from (i.e. "") - OUTPUT_DIR: directory to move outputs to, may be a local or a remote directory spec (i.e. /var/www/html/neon_images, <remote>:/<path_to_directory>) - DO_CORE: boolean value, if true then build a release with the debian-neon-image recipe - DO_NODE: boolean value, if true then build a release with the debian-node-image recipe

Build Outputs

Output images are served via HTTP server, based on the inputs to the build image action.

An output image looks like:

 node /   opi5   / dev / debian-node-image-opi5_2024-06-06_16_25.img.xz

Update files include a squashfs update and json metadata:

 node /   opi5   /updates/ dev / debian-node-image-opi5_2024-06-06_16_25.squashfs