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Embedded device images

This repo contains debos recipes for building OS images for embedded voice assistant devices. Images generated here are intended to include all dependencies, drivers, and OS-level configuration that an assistant device might need, such as Camera Drivers, wifi-connect, QT packages, Vocal Fusion Drivers, etc.

Available recipes

  • debian-neon-image.yml: Default image that runs Neon on an edge device.
  • debian-node-image.yml: Node image that connects to a central Neon instance.

Repository Structure

Each directory contains numbered files or directories; earlier numbers correspond to earlier build stages, and associate files/directories between the top-level overlays, recipes, and scripts directories.

Top-level yml files specify recipes for building images for a particular combination of base OS and platform.

  • The overlays directory contains image root FS overlays.
  • The recipes directory contains go-debos recipes.
  • The scripts directory contains shell scripts that run in the image.

Build instructions

To build a default image, use the included shell script.

Instructions for running debos natively can be found in the official readme.